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Specialists in used  Fender Japan and Gretsch guitars, and other fine guitars made in Japan  

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Fender Japan guitars for sale, Fender Japan  en vente, Fender Japan  für Verkauf, Fender Japan  voor verkoop, Fender Japan  per la vendita, Fender Japan  para a venda, Fender Japan  para la venta. Used Gretsch guitars for sale, Gretsch  en vente, Gretsch  für Verkauf, Gretsch  voor verkoop, Gretsch  per la vendita, Gretsch para a venda, Gretsch para la venta. 

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Buying from a 'faceless' website can be a daunting prospect. Well, I'm not faceless; check out my growing Facebook page 

Fender Japan instruments still offer excellent value for money, especially when compared with US-made Fenders. And I can only point out the obvious again... that to buy used is the way to make your money go further... a LOT further. Just look at the prices of the few new Fender Japan instruments that are available. For a lot less you can get a lot more by buying wisely and buying used. 

Why buy used?  
When answering that question I have always said that buying as used instrument allows you to get more guitar for your money. Your budget will stretch to a higher specification guitar. Which is undeniably true. However, there is another major consideration to take into account, particularly in these hard times. A used instrument has already suffered depreciation. 

Keep your used guitar in good condition and you may even find its value increasing over time because, in the case of Fender Japan instruments, demand seems to exceed supply and I've certainly seen values increase considerably in the years I've been dealing in them. 

Buy what you will from where you will, but probably the best advice I can give is ... buy the best specification your budget will allow. That could well mean buying used. Oh...and buy from a reputable source. I depend upon this for part of my living and it is in my interest to ensure that - as far as I can - customers are happy and come back. Someone flogging just one guitar they found in the attic does not have the same incentive.

Of course there are downsides to buying used - the odd mark or ding for instance - but buy wisely from a reputable source and your money will go a lot further and, most important in these uncertain times, sidestep depreciation.

What protection do you have when buying from me, a total stranger to most of you, over the internet?
It's my aim to offer a buyer the sort of service I'd like to receive (and often don't) whenever I buy something. Buying from a total stranger on the internet can be a stressful process. I try to make it as easy as possible by maintaining a simple, straightforward website with detailed descriptions of current stock illustrated with a comprehensive range of pin-sharp photos. If anyone wants additional information or photos - they get it without delay. With the proviso that turnover can be brisk and I can't always update the site immediately an instrument has been sold, I only advertise for sale what I actually have in stock. Bearing in mind Post Office opening hours, I also ship immediately payment is received. In other words, I don't mess you around... which is why I get good testimonials like the examples printed further down this page.

However, you also have legal protection under what are called Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs). These are the rules that apply to anyone selling products or services to consumers without face-to-face contact, and where the consumer hasn't had an opportunity to examine the goods before buying or discuss the service in person. Compliance with DSRs is a legal requirement and enforcement action can be taken in court against businesses that breach them.

As a guitar-lover, in this for the long term, it is in my interests to give you a good service, to comply with DSRs, and to ensure that you understand how they protect you when buying from me. I have therefore laid out their terms and my statement on the How to Buy/Terms & Conditions page. Read them and you'll hopefully feel better about buying one of my instruments.  

So, buy with confidence. By the way, I would emphasise that any serious potential buyer who is able to get to Essex is very welcome to come and try before they buy. 

                                                                              John Blackman - The Far East of Essex.